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Tips on invitation etiquette for your wedding

Invitations to Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Invitations are a crucial part of the big day, but people often have some questions about the correct way to do things. Here’s some advice from Heather Wiese Alexander, creative director, Dallas, Texas-based Bell’Invito stationers.

When should invitations go out?

 Ideally, invitations are sent six to eight weeks in advance of the wedding date. For more formal weddings or for weddings where many guests will be arranging travel, eight weeks is best.

Do you need to send a save-the-date card and if so, when?

Save the dates are by no means a must. There are two times when sending a save the date is highly recommended: for destination weddings and weddings during a holiday or common vacation period. Save the dates are sent so that guests can begin to make travel, work and personal arrangements to be with you on your wedding date. On the short side, save the dates for weddings can be sent four months prior to the wedding, and on the other end of things no longer than one year prior.

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