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How to Travel with a Wedding Dress, According to the Experts

bride in wedding dress running and having fun on tropical island of maldives

Travelling with your dress (or suit) probably doesn’t make many people’s “things that are really stressing me out” list at the beginning of planning a destination wedding. But wait until 24 hours before you leave for the airport and it’ll sink in. Do you have the right garment bag? Where is that steamer you bought three years ago during the sales? Carry-on or checked bag? Unfortunately, no amount of Googling will give you the peace of mind you need – there just isn’t much information out there tackling airline restrictions and guidelines around travelling with important outfits.

A quick online search will surface many tales of unsuccessful attempts to transport dresses and suits from Point A to Point B. Don’t get discouraged. To help you avoid even more stress on your big trip, we spoke with two people who have worked with couples around the world looking to celebrate their love in a place known for its destination weddings: Iceland. Even better news, their advice translates just about wherever you’re headed.

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