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How to Make Sure Your Wedding Dress Code Is Totally Clear

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Being a wedding guest is easy, right? Show up, celebrate with your friends, have a few drinks…sounds great! Unless, of course, you’re staring into your closet and have no idea what you’re supposed to wear. To save your guests the stress and confusion, we’ve asked our experts for their tips to make sure your wedding dress code is totally clear. Read on!

The key to making sure your guests understand (and follow) your dress code is repetition. From your save the dates to your invitations to your wedding website, specify the wedding dress code everywhere you can, and ask your wedding party to help spread the word so no one will miss it.

Of course, constantly reminding your guests that the attire is “creative black tie” doesn’t cut it if they don’t know what that means. Your first option is to choose something that’s a little more straightforward. If you don’t want everyone in all black, swap out “creative black tie” for something like “tuxedos and colorful gowns,” which quickly gets the point across. Want everyone in all white for your beach wedding? “Casual white beach attire” is short, to the point, and hard to misunderstand.

If something creative and catchy is more your style, use the chances you have to explain what you mean. Include a line on your invitation insert describing the dress code, and make sure you add it to your wedding website, where you’ve got space to be a little more wordy. Be sure to mention anything guests need to know (like encouraging women to skip stilettos for your ceremony in a field or asking guests to bring wraps or sweaters for your church ceremony).

Still fielding questions? Add a few images of sample attire, or link directly to a Pinterest board full of outfit inspiration. This way guests won’t call you to ask what you think of the dress they’ve picked out—if it fits in with the images you’ve chosen, they’re golden!

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