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Groom’s guide: Tips to have you looking your best on your wedding day

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Tux? Check. Ring? Check. Manicure? Wait, what?

While the list of must-dos before saying “I do” isn’t as extensive for grooms as it is for brides, there are still a few personal grooming points men should keep in mind when they’re preparing for the big day.

From hair and nail cleanups, to pre-photo skin prep, here are a few top-grooming elements to consider for your wedding:


What’s the first thing a bride sees when she walks down the aisle? Her groom. And the thing she most expects to behold during that moment is her beau — who looks like the best possible (and most-polished) version of his everyday self.

The first place to start for a groom’s pre-wedding prep should be his hair.

“His bride has spent many hours — and months — preparing for this day. She wants to look her absolute best and it is his responsibility to honour this and present himself in the best way,” Colin Ford of Kérastase PARIS, says. “His hair will make or break his look for sure.”

While a wild new cut or colour aren’t the best options for the big day, Ford says a good cleanup of an existing cut is essential to add a dose of polish to a groom’s look. Just don’t do it the day before the wedding, as you want to make sure you’re comfortable with the cut and how to style it.

“I really suggest a week before and not anything new or different,” Ford recommends. “A style that has been planned and ideally just refreshed.”

Really ready for a big change and want to use your wedding as the big reveal? Ford suggests talking it over with your partner first.

“If you are wanting a new look I suggest that you discuss with your bride, she will have a strong opinion usually,” he says. “Also, you do not want the surprise that you get your haircut and new style the day before and you don’t like it.

“You want to feel your best on the day.”


No, your hands won’t be the first thing people look at during your wedding. In fact, they won’t even be the 100th thing. But there are few things worse than a nicely turned-out groom with rough cuticles and dirt under his nails. So, what’s the simple solution? A manicure, of course.

“We all know the focus is on the bride on her wedding day, but it is also expected for the groom to look his best as well,” says Lindsay Griffith, the spa director of Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. “He needs to consider that his hands will have a lot of attention between the ceremony, shaking hands during a processional and all the photography that takes place at a wedding.”

A service such as the Executive Hand Grooming manicure service for men (60 minutes for $105) includes cuticle cleanup, nail-shaping and buffing, as well as a mineral soak, Turkish salt exfoliation, hand massage and a paraffin, according to Griffith.

“Men who are new to manicures are pleasantly surprised by how relaxing the service is and they love the ‘polished’ look,” she says of the treatment.

Looking for a full-body reboot before the full day of festivities? Griffith recommends booking in for a few extra treatments, too.

“For those spa-savvy grooms, a facial … treatment one week before the big day, will leave the skin glowing and lifted,” she advises.


Your skin is obviously a big part of your look. But it can also be the most difficult to control. That’s why experts recommend upping your skin-care game a few weeks before the wedding day.

“To ensure the groom is looking his best on the big day, it’s important to start prepping a grooming routine three to four weeks before the walk down the aisle,” Anthony Sosnick, chief executive officer of Anthony Brands, says. “This gives enough time to clear up any breakouts/bumps ensuring a smooth, healthy look.”

Sosnick says men can stick with their usual routine or they can introduce new items to better ward off unsightly lumps and bumps in advance.

“To begin, select a powerful cleanser to exfoliate and remove impurities, this will also help with ingrown hairs, razor bumps and irritation,” he advises. “Also, it’s important to hydrate after cleansing and shaving, especially in the days leading up to the wedding for smooth soft skin.”

On the big day, Sosnick says men should consider incorporating a product into their routine that will help keep oil and shine at bay throughout the day’s events. Especially because there will be so many photos taken.

“On the actual wedding day, after cleansing the face, use a toning product such as Anthony Purifying Astringent Pads, which remove impurities, tighten pores and help reduce shine to keep skin matte and picture perfect,” he says. “Next, use a very light moisturizer to absorb oil. Anthony Instant Fix Oil Control is an additional treatment option that contains Silica to absorb oil and control shine all day. The formula also helps to reflect the light off the skin for a more matte look — perfect for photo-ops and the heat of wedding season.”

Short on time for skin care? Sosnick says the most important element of a man’s skin routine should involve a cleanser that is tailored to his skin type and concerns. This will help soothe the skin and ward off any unwanted flare-ups. And help him to feel his best on one of the biggest days of his life — and beyond.

“Of course men want to look their best for photos and videos, the assembled guests and their significant other,” Sosnick says. “But it’s also important to take care of your skin to feel good about yourself and have that extra confidence boost on special occasions.”

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