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I’m getting married this week – these are my 10 best bride essentials

You’ve got the dress, you’ve chosen your bridesmaids, you’ve got the person to marry, it’s all coming into place. But have you got all the little bits? Your something new and something blue? When you’re planning your wedding, you can get so lost in the big things, like the flowers and the food, and even […]

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32 Wedding Cake Table Décor Ideas to Inspire Your Own

You’ve selected your theme and you’ve nailed down your color palette. With that, so many pieces of your wedding’s reception décor can be decided. But while you’re mapping out plans for beautiful tablescapes and floral arrangements, don’t forget to consider where your wedding cake will be on display. While the decision may seem small, your cake display is an […]

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Backyard wedding ideas: 13 ways to decorate the garden for your special day

Planning your big day? Our backyard wedding ideas may be just the inspiration you need. There are tons of benefits to hosting your wedding in your very own garden. First of all, having a wedding at home adds a wonderfully personal touch. It’s your own familiar space, but with a gloriously decorative spin. And what […]

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