18 Rehearsal Dinner Dresses for Guests That Will Outshine the Night’s Best Toast

When wedding season hits in the South, it’s off to the races…er, the chapel. Calendars full of save the dates turn into calendars full of, “What am I going to wear?” moments. If you’re a bridesmaid, the wedding day’s outfit is locked down, so buying a new dress for the rehearsal dinner is a fun way […]

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Wedding Decor Ideas We Are Stealing From Interior Designers

Designing a wedding can be a lot like designing a house. Your ultimate goal is to have the decor be a reflection of who you are as a couple, while also integrating meaningful mementos, favorite colors, and eye-catching trends.  But, venturing beyond the whites and pastels of tradition to incorporate more bold and daring styles can […]

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30 Halloween Baby Shower Ideas To Pull Off A Cute & Spooky Party

By and large, most baby showers are sweet affairs filled with pastel colors and cutesy games. Not all parents are traditional though, and the idea of a Halloween-themed baby shower is far more appealing than what most of us are used to. While it’s definitely a unique theme, it’s also an event most people would […]

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