4 Things Your Wedding Guests Seriously Don’t Care About

4 Things Your Wedding Guests Seriously Don’t Care About

The best trick to wedding planning is making decisions that will make both you and your fiancé happy. Worrying about what your guests are going to love and not love will make you stressed when making wedding-day decisions. So if you’re wondering what types of things to splurge on and what you can skip all together, take note of this list of items your guests won’t even think about twice.

The Centerpieces
You may be tempted to shell out a ton of cash on towering centerpieces filled with fresh flowers and glowing candles. The truth is, however, most of your guests will be looking down at their plates while at the table — and the rest of the time will be spent on the dance floor.

Your Seating Chart
Planning a detailed seating chart for your guests can be time-consuming and quite daunting. In many cases, guests may just pull up a chair at a different table or avoid sitting at their table all together, so it’s not necessary to over-worry about table arrangements. Skip the stress and back-and-forth and plan your tables in whatever way is easiest and most


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